Safe Delivery with Shop4Deals

Online shopping is convenient and safe, Shop4Deals ensures that all staff members wear PPE and that all orders are sanitised before leaving out warehouse.
When taking delivery of your purchase, please follow the following steps to ensure your safety.
  1. Wash or sanitise your hands prior to taking delivery
  2. Put on your mask
  3. Keep at least 1.5m distance from the person delivering your goods. The courier can place your parcel on the ground and you can then pick it up once they have backed away to more than 1.5m
  4. Sanitise the outside packaging of your parcel
  5. Open your parcel and discard all the wrapping
  6. Disinfect your goods before use
  7. Re-wash or sanitise your hands
  8. Enjoy your purchase after following the 7 easy steps above


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