About Us

The Shop4Deals Team of 4 was born by a group of hard-working executives from both the Corporate World and Private business.

With our own lifestyles becoming so busy and caught up in the hustle and bustle of today’s world - we needed more time for our families, hobbies and sport. We soon realized that it was not only us, but our extended families, friends and contacts that all had similar needs.

With our combined experience of over 78 years, we started developing our vision to make Great Brands available at a fair value for money!  Everyone wants a deal and that’s how the origin of the name was created.

We want Shop4Deals to bring the Best Deals into your home, just like one of our suppliers - Froggit - who bring the Restaurant into your home!

As the name says "Shop4Deals" - customers will find deals in all the departments. In order to assist you searching for the best deal - we have created a special department - Best Deals - here you will find a summary of all the current deals on offer. However - the Shop4Deals team encourage you to continue on our platform as you are sure to find a host of exiting products at a fair value for money.

Our vision is to provide a selection of best deals with products from each of our departments. Sourcing is the key - we treat our suppliers as family too - so we work closely with them bringing the best deals to our platform.

We admit that not every product will be a deal - but we commit to providing a fair market related price - as our Price Promise:

Should you believe you have a more attractive price from an alternative supplier for an equivalent offer, afford Shop4Deals the opportunity to match or better by presenting us with the formal quotation to show a valid price for the equivalent offer. Equivalent offer means the same product with the same specifications, same delivery and the same warranty and support.

We also want to be different - our Shop4Deals team has sourced certain products from suppliers that will be exclusive to Shop4Deals - you will find certain products on Shop4Deals from time to time that will not be available at other retailers.

Our core principles are to provide the best customer service and a variety of Great Brands at reasonable prices, providing the best deals. Who knows? Maybe we have more than one Black Friday, best you keep in contact and return to our shop, follow us on Facebook or subscribe.

We certainly hope to deliver beyond your expectations. If you feel like we did a great job, it would be nice to hear from you and most important, if we have not - let us know so we can fix, repair and do our best to ensure we have a happy customer.

Good Luck and we hope you find your deal.....

Email: customercare@shop4deals.co.za


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